Types of Line Markings

While driving one might see different line marking on road, which is there to guide the drivers. It is important to be aware of the line markers in order to avoid any situation, which can cause an accident.


There are different types of line markings such as:


White Lines: The white lines on the road indicate the traffic in the driver’s direction. If the white lines are broken it means that a driver can change the lanes when it is safe for him or her to do so. If the white line is solid, it means that the driver should stay in the lane. The white lines also depict the shoulders on the road.



Yellow Lines: The yellow lines are present in the center of the two-way road and are for the traffic, which is two-way. When the yellow line in the center of the road is broken, the driver can pass the line; however, if one is solid while other is broken it means that the driver should not pass if he or she is next to the solid yellow line. If both the yellow lines are solid, it means that the driver should never pass the two solid yellow lines.



Final Words

According to Matt from www.linemarkingbrisbaneqld.com.au/ , It is important to keep the traffic rules and regulations in mind especially those, which are depicted by the line marking. There is a different kind of line markers available as well, for example, paint is better for use in the airports, factories, parks, and much more. Understanding the line markings is important in fact when a person has to give a driving test, the test is mainly about how well a person knows those rules and is following them. At one point or another person would learn to drive but important thing is that he or she is driving according to the rules. Get information about line marking contractors and find out what kind of line markers they use.

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