Office Fit outs On Budget

Office fit out is the process that makes interior spaces appropriate for occupation. Typically, building developers will leave a shell of a room that the incoming occupier needs to improve by having personalized interior specifications, such as, fitted-out main reception, conference room, offices, lobbies, and kitchen. Visit for more info.

However, even as the tenant adds the final finishes, company branding, specialist lighting, furniture, ICT equipment, and audiovisual devices, there is a need to spend wisely and save money. Use the following tips to avoid breaking your budget:

Do away with the reception area:   Don’t spend a fortune to create an impressive waiting bay for visitors.

Your clients will know how to navigate their way into the boardroom or marketing office if you use signposts to point out different rooms.

Floor coverings: Consider carpets as floor finish rather than costly tiles. Tiles require you to hire an installer and incur maintenance costs.

Your corporate art: There is no doubt that your clients will love the expensive designer framed inspirational phrases. However, you can download similar high-quality posters at online digital photo sites including Pixabay, Freerange, Gratisography, and Pexels for free. Alternatively, crop a famous quote with your logo, frame it, and you have a stunning art piece.

Cost-efficient workstations: By having three to four-person work desks instead of individual desks, your company can reduce the number of finances you spend on furniture.

Save money on office fit out flowers: Why not buy vases and grow your own flowers as opposed to purchasing already potted flowers as you work on the new office layout?

Open plan office: To keep the office fit out budget down, opt for an open plan office so that you don’t erect walls between rooms. The use of cheap screens can still provide privacy in the office space.

These tips can produce an internal space that meets the tenant’s office fit out requirements and an appealing internal layout affordably.